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Our passion is to see the will of the Lord done in the lives of the people whom Christ died for –

the unsaved to be saved and believers to receive all the promised blessings of the Lord God.

Bishop E. Oden has received a clear mandate from the Lord when his eyes were opened in a vision and he saw the heavens open with the words “EQUIP PRESENT GENERATION” written in block letters in the horizon of the sky. This is why Christ-centered Learning & Development is a crucial part of the our work.

Our Learning & Development GOALS

Raise Rising Stars

To give light to our generation through miracles of signs and wonders

Raise Men of Glory

To restore God’s Glory across the nations and cities through Glory Intercession.

Raise Ambassadors

‘Ever Ready Missionaries’ for international Missions to curb the spread of the ‘Red World’ of violence.

Raise Kings & Kingdom Builders

For Wealth Creation and Transfer as a divine solution to the ‘Black World’ of economic crisis and recession.

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Join hands with Bishop Oden Ministries to touch the world for Jesus Christ.
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By choosing to partner with us, you will join a family of kingdom advancers who are committed to seeing the glory of God manifested in our world like never before.

With your help we are touching lives and your faithful partnership is vital to everything we do as a ministry.


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